Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh, Hello Dear! A Whimsical Crafted Shrine

One of the things I'm very thankful for on Craftster.org is the Swap Angel system. I've been involved in 25 organized craft swaps since joining, and on occasion have had to receive an "angel package". For those sad times when someone just doesn't pull through and send you a crafted gift in return for the one you have sent, a volunteer will step in to create a package just for you. Depending on the angel's situation, there are different perks or rewards for fulfilling this task - reversing negative feedback or receiving a type of premium membership that gets you access to other areas of the forum.

One of the recent swaps I was involved with was the "Whimsical Shrine Swap". I had great fun turning a solar pathway light into a little fairy/nature shrine to send off to Lora of Cackle and Hoot. In return I received the loveliest shrine to birds, specifically native varieties that I have been looking for while bird-watching in my backyard.

Unfortunately, another member of the swap was flaked on. This was such a fun swap, and the crafter did such a nice job on the shrine she sent, so I volunteered to be her angel. I'm so excited about the resulting paper-crafted result! This shrine taught me some new crafting skills that will definitely be reappearing in the future. I sneaked in a few of my favorite things into the shrine also (cardinals, foxes, mushrooms).

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