Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Quick Trip to the United Kingdom

The first week of this month my husband, eight of our good friends, and I traveled to the UK together. I've been talking about this trip with my college friends for years, and I'm amazed that it actually happened and all of us made it together. Our first stop was London, then we took an excursion to Cardiff for the Doctor Who Experience (which was mostly the inspiration for the group trip because we are a nerdy group), and Edinburgh. We had very beautiful weather for most of our trip with just a couple spots of rain here and there. It's exciting to share all these memories with so many friends. Here are some snippets of our adventure.

One of the views that we got coming off the Underground on our way to Westminster Abbey - Big Ben!

A reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The Palm House at the Kew Gardens

The Doctor Who Experience

The three TARDIS props from the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special - I'm really loving the War Doctor's on the right.

An unexpected discovery while checking out the docks in front of the Roald Dahls Plaza - a Shrine to Ianto of Torchwood (a fictional character from a TV show)

A view of Edinburgh from the Scott Monument

The Glasshouses entrance at the Royal Botanic

Hillside near the dormant volcano in Edinburgh

Maybe I'll show some more detailed photos later. I took over a thousand pictures, so there is lots of good stuff to share.

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