Sunday, August 24, 2014

Take a Deep Breath for August

So many things have been going on this month that I haven't had a chance to breathe! So much for the regular posts I imagined myself pumping out every week when I started this blog. At the beginning of the month, a good friend and fellow displaced Floridian started planning for her wedding which was on Friday. I took on the responsibility of providing crafted decorations as well as a healthy serving of scones for the wedding. But we put that discussion on pause for a second because the second weekend of August, I was fortunate enough to have attended the 5th Annual Lambstock at Border Springs Farm in Virginia, and that deserves some mention first. More on the wedding stuff later.

My friend and fellow Craftster "MissingWillow" invited me to join her at Lambstock this year. My husband and I were blown away by the three-night event celebrating the super delicious lamb. Chefs from all around gathered together to prepare fantastic dishes and meals of all sorts and enjoy music, some good drinks, and great company - all to be followed by camping in a sheep pasture with a lovely view of the mountains beyond.The busiest night saw at least two hundred folks.

The view from the camping area

Lamb cooked all day over a fire

Grilling on a Cowboy Cauldron
The biggest paella pan ever!

Did I mention free booze? (This was delicious)

How about a Bloody Mary for breakfast? With a lamb meatball garnish!

Thanks, Sunwolf, for playing on the last night despite the dwindling crowd after three days of nonstop rain.


I definitely did not have enough alcohol before deciding it was time to dance. Had a blast anyways.


We enjoyed lamb churros with lamb dulce de leche sauce on the last night.
And the trip wouldn't be complete without a visit to say hi to the sheep.

I had so much fun, and cannot wait for next year! I'm now mentally prepared for the degree of awesomeness that Lambstock has achieved. 

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  1. I love the photo of you and Craig dancing! Can't wait until next year. :-)